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Diy water bottle hack.

Fu Lin

Finding water-holes to fill up your bison stomach water-bladder is a thing of the past for most of us. Bison stomach water-bladders are also a thing of the past.  Nowadays we have water bottles you can buy right off the shelf.

I carry a water bottle as part of my EDC(everyday carry) and I prefer bottles which have the lids tethered/attached.

 A couple of my bottles have lids with fairly strong and stiff plastic tethers. Those lids, when unscrewed, tend to stay in the way of the opening and hinder easy drinking.  I know this is only a minor irritation.

Nevertheless, I wanted to come up with a solution. Its quite simple and requires only four items:

- Epoxy putty

- Magnets. 2 to be exact. Make sure to use strong neodymium magnets.  These are strong enough that a 1/4 inch magnet will be more than suffice.

- Sand-paper or a file.

- Alcohol or other cleaning agent that wont leave a residue.


1. Mark a spot on the lid where the first magnet will be adhered. I prefer the center. 

2. Unscrew the lid and find the spot on the bottle where the second magnet will be adhered. Mark it.

3. Allow the two magnets to attract each other. Mark the exposed sides with a marker. These are the two sides you will adhere to the bottle body and lid.  This is important as magnets have poles which will either attract or repel one another.

4. Use the sand-paper or file to roughen the spots on the lid and bottle which were previously marked. Now clean these spots.

5. Now for the epoxy putty. Follow the instructions on the packaging of the epoxy putty you are going to use. Form two balls, each of which are twice the size of each magnet.

6. Press one ball of epoxy onto the rough spot on the lid and one ball of epoxy onto the rough spot on the bottle.

7. Press the marked sides of the magnets into the epoxy. With moist fingers, form and shape the epoxy around the magnet and onto bottle.

8. Let epoxy cure and enjoy!



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