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Maxpedition Micro and Mini EDC Organizers: Are your pockets too full?

Fu Lin

If you're like me, you never leave home without ALL the gear. In an effort to be one step ahead of unpreparedness, my edc gear has grown to volumes unmanageable for mere pants-pockets and belt-loops.  Ive had to arrange my setup into 3 "tiers": In-pocket, off-person, and back-up/emergency/survival.

I have a pretty standard EDC setup for "on-person" gear:

1. Pocket knife, sometimes 2. Currently a Microtech LCC DA and SAK Tinker.

2. Flashlight, Inova XS AAA (Buy Here).

3. Notepad, Levenger Pocket Briefcase(holds 3x5 index cards).

4. Pen, either Fisher Bullet space pen or Pilot G-2.

5. Pocket-Tool, currently a CRKT Viva (Buy Here).

6. Keys, 2-part, Car keys separate from other keys with Pangaea dangler and Tec accessories dangler.

7. Phone with protective case.

That's about all I'm willing to have in my pockets. During the summer months, I carry even less. So what do I do for all the other Items I need but can't comfortably carry in my pockets?

I present to you, my solution, the Maxpedition Micro and Maxpedition Mini EDC Organizers. The Micro is smaller than the Mini.

Maxpedition Micro and Mini EDC gear organizer

I like not having to "baby" either of these EDC gear organizers. The Micro utilizes 800-denier abrasion-resistant ballistic nylon while the Mini utilizes 1050-denier abrasion-resistant ballistic nylon. In addition, both pouches have bar-tack(double) stitching on all stress points and high-strength composite nylon thread throughout. The seams are taped and sealed along with Dupont Teflon water and grime resistant treatment on the exterior.  Those features should be no surprise from a brand-name like Maxpedition. In fact, they should be considered standard on Edc gear organizers that will see daily use and abuse.

I use both the Max Micro and Max Mini as part of a tiered EDC setup. The Micro, which is smaller is used for "off-person" gear. The Mini is used for back-up survival type gear when I head away from more populated area

Maxpedition Micro:

Maxpedition Micro EDC gear organizer

 The Maxpedition Micro is what I use to keep and organize my "off-person" EDC gear. "Off-person" gear includes the items I want to have with me but not necessarily in my pockets. 

Some of the things I find useful to have around:

Maxpedition EDC gear organizer loaded

-Kershaw Emerson CQC-2k (Buy Here).

-Spare battery for my flashlight

-Multi-tool. Currently a CRKT Get-a-way Driver (Buy Here).

-USB thumbdrive

-Notepad,  UST Storm-proof Notepad (Buy Here). 

-Fisher Space Pen

-Sharpie marker

-Lip balm


-Duct tape


-Safety pins


Of course, this is what works for me.

The Max. Micro allows me to keep my edc gear organized and easy to find.  The interior pockets and elastic webbing with divisions make the Max. Micro better than a single-compartment pouch when you have multiple items. With 5 divided sections on the interior elastic band, there's a secure place for your items.

Maxpedition Micro EDC gear organizer elastic band

 I always keep my Micro organized and stocked. Most of the time, it stays in my backpack or soft-sided briefcase. I could just keep everything in either my backpack or briefcase but I occasionally switch between the two.  The Micro doesn't have webbing or loops for belt attachment and that's ok because I don't like pouches on my belt. I can see how it might be nice to be able to attack it to the exterior of a pack.  When I turn 60, I might start wearing a pouch on my belt right next to my cell phone. For now, I'll enjoy not having the extra bulk of attachment hardware.




Maxpedition Mini

Maxpedition mini EDC gear organizer

I use the Max Mini as a small "go-bag" for hiking and camping trips. I always keep it in my car so it doubles as a part of my car survival kit. You know, in case I have a rollover on a dark mountain road.

Here's what's in my Max Mini Survival setup:

Maxpedition Mini EDC gear organizer loaded

-Knife, Kershaw Shuffle II Knife (Buy Here).

-Firestarter, Magnesium-block (Buy Here).

-Water Filter Straw, Aquamira Frontier (Buy Here)

-Suunto compass

-Emergency Whistle, Vargo Ti whistle (Buy Here).

-Back-up Flashlight, Olight iS3 EOS 85 Lumen Flashlight (Buy Here).



-Safety pins

-Mylar Emergency blanket (Buy Here)

Like the Maxpedition Micro, the Max Mini has 2 interior slip pockets. The Mini has more divisions on the elastic bands for a total of 10. That's a great number of spots to tuck your different items.

Maxpedition Mini EDC gear organizer elastic band

The Mini also has a loop-field on the front exterior for patches. The back exterior has 3 rows x 2 channels of PALs, MOLLE compatible,  attachment webbing. The attachment webbing can also be used for horizontal belt attachment.








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