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Hacks and Tips

How to make char cloth.

F. Lin char cloth firemaking firestarting survival tinder

Char cloth is one of my favorite fire-making tools. It easily takes a spark and burns slowly which is quite useful for igniting a tinder bundle.  Pair some char cloth with a ferrocium rod and fire-making becomes less daunting. Char cloth is simply just as its name implies, charred cloth. Its basically charcoal.  I have only used cotton to make my char cloth but according to wikipedia, it can be made from any fabric that is 100% vegetable based, so linen and jute work also. Essentially the material is burned in the absence of oxygen.  The process is actually easier...

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10 Easy and actionable EDC gear tips for 10 common EDC items.

F. Lin edc edc knife everyday carry flashlight pocket tools

Whether you are new to edc or a seasoned veteran, here are some actionable tips. Wallet Nope! Here is a good place to start. It will clear up space, save your back if its carried in a back pocket, and do away with uncomfortable bulges. Even if you carry your wallet in your front pocket, a thinner wallet will free up valuable pocket space and be more comfortable.  There are some nice phone cases that double as card holders/wallets. I personally stay away from these because of the risk of losing two important aspects of my carry at once. Its...

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Diy water bottle hack.

Fu Lin

Finding water-holes to fill up your bison stomach water-bladder is a thing of the past for most of us. Bison stomach water-bladders are also a thing of the past.  Nowadays we have water bottles you can buy right off the shelf. I carry a water bottle as part of my EDC(everyday carry) and I prefer bottles which have the lids tethered/attached.  A couple of my bottles have lids with fairly strong and stiff plastic tethers. Those lids, when unscrewed, tend to stay in the way of the opening and hinder easy drinking.  I know this is only a minor irritation. Nevertheless,...

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