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About Me

Hi, my name is Fu. Fu T. Lin to be precise. Fu Tong Lin to be exact. That’s as "technical" as I hope to be in the next few paragraphs. You should keep reading to learn why a guy who shares a name with an extremely versatile and economical alternative to purchasing a bed and sofa is writing to you.
I am the sole proprietor of everydaycarrysupply.com. I find all the products and develop ideas for new ones. I crunch the numbers and clean the proverbial toilets. Even though everydaycarrysupply.com is still young, it has not been an easy journey to get where I am today.

Everydaycarrysupply.com really started in 1985 when I was a mere eight years of age. That is the year that the very first episode of MacGyver aired. MacGyver was a man who never carried a gun and solved complex problems with a Swiss Army knife and a few random items from his pockets. At eight years old I never carried a gun either and also believed that a pocketknife and a few random items could solve all of my problems. So, at eight years old, I was able to convince my mom to buy me my first pocket-knife. It was a Swiss Army Victorinox Tinker. It was the eighties and parents, mine at least, were just a smidge more reckless. We never had to wear seat belts. A few years later the movie Predator was released. I saw how useful a knife was for building traps to catch aliens. This further solidified my realistic expectations for why I needed a knife: A battle of epic proportions to outsmart an advanced extra-terrestrial lifeform. I was ten.

There has seldom been a day since 1985 when a pocketknife of some sort did not accompany me. Since that time I discovered the usefulness of having just a few simple and easily carried items in my pockets.

Years later, even as I found myself in the food industry, my trusty items still went everywhere with me. They went with me to work in commercial kitchens. They went with me to culinary school and bartending school as I prepared for a life in the restaurant business. Through it all I never lost my passion for functional knives and gear made from high quality materials.

I still remember the fateful day in 2013 that catalyzed the journey I am on today. It was a day like no other. Actually, it was just like any other day except I decided it was time to sell.
After over 25 years in the restaurant industry and 13 years of owning my own restaurant, I decided to put one passion on hold to pursue another. It was a risky decision.

I spent countless days learning how to start a website. I then spent countless nights trying to implement what I had learned. I have learned that relative to making a website successful, starting a website is really, really easy. Being able to present a website to people so that they can take away value from it is the hard part. I'm not talking about discounts and sales. I mean real value. Value in the products I offer and stories I tell. Value beyond price point and quality. Value that enriches experiences and inspires you to create new ones.

Its clear that everydaycarrysupply.com is in its infancy despite time surpassed. I have lofty goals for my little corner of the interwebs. Someone I value dearly told me it was like I had "run off and joined the circus."

Cue "Entrance of the Gladiators."