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What is EDC or Everyday Carry?

Fu Lin

Before I get too far ahead of myself with all these blog posts, I figured I should write a post on what EDC is. Just in case you are new to this term. If you have ever searched the web for EDC, you have probably come across sites referring to electronic music and neon-clad ravers. 

The EDC I'm talking about refers to items consistently carried on a daily basis for whatever reason. Yes, Edc is specific but specifically vague. Everyone has a baseline edc setup. Wallet, phone, an keys are the three items that a majority of people carry with them whenever they leave the house. Those are the bare necessities. Edc is more than just having the bare necessities. Edc is about maintaining a level of preparedness with which you are comfortable.  The items you choose to carry should make handling tasks that pop-up during your day easier to handle. Some edc's even include  SHTF(sh*t hit the fan) items. Depending on your job and activities for the day, your edc should cater to that.  Aside from the three  aformentioned items, edc-ers have an affinity for knives, flashlights, and multi-tools/pocket tools. I consider those to be standard and the minimum to carry.  Pens, a notepad are also useful to have.  Medication, epi-pens, rape-whistles, and usb thumb-drives are other common items.  As you can see, the possibilities are limitless.  

Police officers, plumbers, electricians, EMT's, students, chefs, etc., all have specific edc's to accomplish the tasks for their job.  Regrdless of whether you are issued cargo pants and a utility belt,  the job of getting through a day with ease is at the core of edc.

Unless you are MacGuyver, your edc should consist of more than a swiss army knife and a ball of lint. Balls of lint, by the way, are great as tinder for starting fires. 

Quick side note: If you are ever in need of tinder, not the app, the easily combustible material used to ignite a fire, all you need is your knife. Hold the blade of your knife perpendicular to an article of clothing  that has been laid out flat. Scrape back and forth to create lint on-the-fly.

There are no hard and fast rules to EDC. Carry what works for you.  Its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.  It never hurts to be prepared.



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