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EDC Pocket Tools

Pocket tool promo

Edc pocket tools, edc...wait. What exactly in an edc pocket tool? Technically, its any tool that you consistently carry on a daily basis and will reasonably fit in your pocket. That is vague.   

In all seriousness, edc-ers have come to impose certain characteristics on edc gear. Compact and multi-featured are very important for space-saving and usefulness purposes.

The edc pocket tools found here are compact and multi-functioned. The tools here will perform all of their intended functions. Some better than others. Please keep in mind that any tools this small, with multiple functions, will be limited by their size. There's a reason full-size hand-tools are as big as they are. I've performed an exhaustive test and review of the pocket tools featured on everydaycarrysupply.com. There's also an infographic with their respective functions so you can compare them side-by-side.

Read it here: Pocket Tool Test